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(Yancadi, Yankadi, etc)

Cultural Context

Sound Samples


R Clark (editor)
M Wall (editor)

ADR (wav)
Djembe Boom (wav)
NP Exchange (dbf)
WAP (sn2)

ADR (practice cd)
Cross Reference

Djembe Boom

J & V
Larry Morris

NP Exchange

Note! Many of the above references have moved to new locations:
R Clark , M Wall / Cross Reference , WAP , Djembe Boom , ADR

The notation for this rhythm may consist of parts, signals, breaks and solos.
You are welcome to add anything that makes this notation more complete!

You are also welcome to suggest additional links for the external resource section above!

Djembe b--s-bb-tt-b *
Djembe s-st-ts-s--b *
Bass D--S--D----D>
> D--S-S-----D *
Bell H-H--H--HH--
Signal t-ss-ts-st-s>
> s-ts-stttt--

These parts are taken from African Drum Rhythms Practice CD 8. They are notated as straight six count parts although they are not played like that on the CD. I have notated them like this for those who view the parts as ASCII character notation. If you have installed the Djembe font, you will clearly see the difference below where I am using the Djembe font Shuffle notes to illustrate how the parts are really played on the CD.
Lennart Hallstrom, Sweden <lennart.hallstrom@djembe.net>
Visit my website at: www.djembe.net

Djembe b--s-zb-ht-z *
Djembe s-yt-hs-y--z *
Bass D--S--D----z>
> D--S-h-----z *
Bell H-y--y--yH--
Signal t-ys-hs-yt-y>
> s-hs-ytttt--

These parts must be viewed as graphic Djembe font notation to make sense (the special shuffle notes characters used are not covered in the S.H.A.R.E. Notation Legend). As you perhaps can see, some of the notes are played just before a six count support bar on the notation line. This makes the shuffle less "jumpy" compared to the previous entry. Notice the lead-in at the last note and the two-line bass part and signal in both cases.
Lennart Hallstrom

(The above notation is the lastest entry!)

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