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The notation for this rhythm may consist of parts, signals, breaks and solos.
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Djembe b-ttssb-ttss
Djembe s-ts-bs-ts-b *
Bass D-DSD--D-S-D>
> D-DSS----S-D *
Signal rtttt-tt-t--
Djembe bsttssbsttss

This rhythm was taught to me by my griot drummer friend Mamadou Kienou from Ouagadougou in Burkina Faso. The last djembe part is a variation of the first one - you just add an extra slap right after the bass note. You can start both of them with a lead-in from the fourth note from the end as an option. (Btw, Mamadou tours Europe with parts of his great performance group Foteban each year.)
Lennart Hallstrom, Sweden <lennart.hallstrom@djembe.net>
Visit my website at: www.djembe.net

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