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R Clark (editor)
M Wall (editor)

ADR (wav)
Groove Archive (midi)
NP Exchange (dbf)
WAP (sn2)

ADR (practice cd)
Cross Reference

Djembe Boom
Groove Archive

J & V
Larry Morris

NP Exchange

Note! Many of the above references have moved to new locations:
R Clark , M Wall / Cross Reference , WAP , Djembe Boom , ADR

The notation for this rhythm may consist of parts, signals, breaks and solos.
You are welcome to add anything that makes this notation more complete!

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Djembe ss--ss--t--s-s--
> t-t-ss--t--s-s--
Bass D-D---S-D-D---S-
Bell H-H-H-H-H--H-H--

This is how I have been taught some parts of the rhythm Kpatsia (from my friend Kristina Aspeqvist)!
Helene Iliste, Sweden <helene.iliste@ebox.tninet.se>

(The above notation is the lastest entry!)

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