Download and Install Notation Playback

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(The Djembe Font is enclosed with this program, no separate download needed)

Note: WIN 7 - 64 bit version does not support the 16-bit Notation Playback software.
Notation Playback can only be run on 16 and 32-bit operating systems like Win XP.

More than 25.000 visitors have downloaded Notation Playback so far!

Downloading the FULL version of Notation Playback

The name of the file to download is NP22.ZIP
(22 being the two figures of the version number).

The file size is about 4 MB.

(It contains all files needed for a new installation
including the latest version of the Djembe Font file)

Start downloading and follow the instructions.*

To install after download, you need to...

- locate the downloaded zip file (NP22.ZIP)

- unzip** (extract) the zip file into a folder of its own

- open the file setup.exe to start the installation process

Just follow the instructions you get in the installation program.
There is also a readme file that provides some more details.

NOTE: Some users should avoid the two folder names
"Program" and "Program Files" during installation. See FAQ!

* If you experience any problems during download or installation,
you should check the
FAQ support page for possible solutions.

** In order to unzip (extract) the zip (compressed) file you need to
have a WinZip program installed in your system. It can be acquired
from the WinZip company or downloaded from



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